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I’ve never been one for conventions; my passions are too strong, my need for exploration too keen and my lack of respect for outdated social mores too absolute. It was inevitable, perhaps, that I would find my way to this world; to being a kinky, independent escort with a penchant for excitement.
Here, where the adventurous are rewarded and experiences are to be savoured, I have found a space for the joyous, vivid connections I crave. Perhaps you feel the same?
Undoubtedly mature and confident, I am nonetheless enduringly playful. I value laughter as deeply as cerebral connection and serious discussion. Life throws us all many challenges; when the chance for fun arises, it must be taken! It took me a while to decide I could call myself a mature escort for this very reason – I frequently feel too young-at-heart.
Available Worldwide

Longer, travel bookings take companionship to the next level and I’m always keen to join you for an expedition.

I’ll be relaxed, easy company and waking up together to enjoy breakfast in bed (and each other) in a new city will be memorable and magic.

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Escort Companion in Vienna
I’m chatty, intelligent and good at connecting with people. There will be no awkward silences and I promise you’ll feel instantly at ease.
Cmila James. Independent Escort Lady in Vienna. 
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Adventurous and playful, I would love to meet you who treats me with respect and makes my heart pound.